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Our Outdoor Escape Games

Getting some fresh air 2.0

With our Outdoor Escape Games, teams can compete with family, friends or colleagues at any outdoor location. All our games are available in Dutch and English and provide support when needed while playing.


Search the city for the hostages. In a case that proves too complex for the police, it’s up to you and your team to free the prisoners!

The Chase

Take on the role of a criminal with your team and stay out of the hands of the hunters! Stay sharp, because halfway through the roles reverse…


Infiltrate Carlos E.’s secret drug network and help your team put this gang of criminals behind bars!

Our Online Escape Games

Playing at a safe distance ...

With our Online Escape Games, each participant plays from their own location, home or office. All our online games are available in Dutch and English and provide support when needed while playing.

Lost Treasure

Amass riches with the fortune that a family member has left you and your team. To find the millions, you’ll have to crack your brain first.

Patient Zero

Save the world from a pandemic and work with your team to develop the antiserum for a mysterious new virus.

Customized game

Our games can be customized and personalised. Are you enthusiastic about our games and curious about our possibilities? Then contact us!

Fancy an exciting and original company outing?

Our games were played by these companies, among others!

Escape Rooms for inside and outside!

A perfect alternative to the regular escape room.

Quest Escapes gives the best Escape Rooms a new look. Take the lead in adventure stories and compete with other teams in our outdoor escape rooms or online escape rooms. With our Outdoor Escape Games you will experience exciting adventures in the open air. Solve puzzles and riddles, find the right locations and discover the city in an original way.

Prefer to play at home with a digital escape room? Play with friends, colleagues or the family from different locations in our Online Escape Games. Let yourself be carried away in a virtual world of brain teasers and challenging assignments. You only need a mobile phone, tablet or laptop to experience a fun team activity. With the best escape rooms for indoor and outdoor use, there is always an escape game nearby!