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Rain or shine, there is always an adventure you can book with your family, friends or colleagues. Also for large groups!

Outdoor Escape Games

Get some fresh air with your family, friends or colleagues during an outdoor escape game. View the overview of our offer.

Online Escape Games

Our Online Escape Games are 100% Corona-proof and a perfect alternative to the regular escape room. Play from your own living room or office.

Our Outdoor Escape Games

Getting some fresh air 2.0


A case turns out to be too complex for the police force and your team is hired to free hostages …

The Chase

Stay out of the hands of the bounty hunters! Inspired by the BBC program Hunted.

Why an outdoor escape game?

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Onze Online Escape Games

Playing at a safe distance ...

Lost Treasure

Your great uncle left you a fortune, but you have to solve some brain teasers to find it …

Patient Zero

A virus has broken out. It’s up to you and your team to prevent spreading …

Why an Online Escape Game?

Just the advantages of our online games at a glance ...

A game for every group

A modern outing for everyone

Family outings

Our outdoor games are perfect for a day out with the whole family.

Friends outings

Looking for an outing for the whole group of friends? Stop looking.

Company outings

Our games have the perfect balance between puzzles, fun and team building.

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Why are our games ideal for family, friends and company outings?

Company outings and team building

A modern perspective on company outings

Our games are perfect for playing with large groups. Divided into teams of 3 to 6 people, you compete against each other for eternal fame—all games for optimal team cooperation and therefore ideal for company outings and team building.

The outdoor games can be completely personalized. For example, we can plot routes in and around the company and it is possible to develop adapted games, so that the past reflects the occasion or the brand. Add arrangements, helicopters from Aston Martins to your spy game? The sky is the limit …