Coronaproof escape room: how does it work?

Nothing brings more fun and excitement than playing an escape room game. Together with friends or family. Of course, only if this can be arranged 100% safely because of the current pandemic. After all, no one likes to get infected or want to be lonely during a boring quarantine period. Fortunately, nowadays you can make use of corona-proof escape rooms. With as many friends or colleagues as you want. Also playing in teams is possible. Without wearing a mask or taking advantage of other obstructive regulations.

Play within an escape room without safety regulations

Yes, you are right! Within a corona-proof escape room, you don’t have to worry about social distancing at 1.5 meters, or wearing a protective mouth mask. You play these escape games online. With 4, 8, or even 100 people at the same time. Each participant plays from behind his or her desktop or tablet. Of course, at a safe distance from each other. For example in the living room, but of course, also while one team member is on the other side of the world. A corona-proof escape room only requires an internet connection.

Especially at this time, you opt for an escape game at a safe distance from each other

Currently, visiting a physical escape room is not possible. This has to do with the corona regulations that are imposed by the government. Partly to prevent physical contact as much as possible so that the number of infections decreases faster. A corona-proof escape room is an excellent alternative. Choose from one of the exciting games and create a fun night out at home immediately. Even the curfew is no longer an obstacle.

An online escape game as a replacement for business events

Of course, you can play an escape game together with a group of friends or family. But did you know that these online games are also a perfect alternative to physical business events? As a corona safe team building activity for example. This is possible with up to 100 colleagues at the same time. How well coordinated is your team and who will escape first? Is it the people from the production or will the management claim their victory this time?

The benefits of a corona proof escape room

Entering an escape room and playing the game, brings you and your friends or colleagues a lot of advantages. Especially now that our society mainly revolves around the Covid-19 virus. An escape game is a trendy party game. You don’t have to travel to a location and you can enjoy the cozy environment of your own house. You’re ready to rumble within a few minutes. Besides, escape rooms offer sufficient challenges in the form of varied questions and assignments. Playing within a corona-proof escape room is the perfect concept for team-building activities or business events at a distance of one and a half meters. A fun evening with friends? That is also possible!