Escape room for teambuilding in 3 different ways

You can organize an escape room teambuilding event in various ways. These events are suitable for people of all ages. You can even experience these business events completely corona-proof with your colleagues. Regardless of the number of colleagues per team. If you choose an escape room as a teambuilding event, you can opt for 3 different ways.

Which escape room is suitable for you and your colleagues?

The value of a team-building event should not be underestimated. These events contribute to the mutual atmosphere between departments and teams. Of course, also time for relaxation amongst each other is of great importance. That makes an escape room the perfect business event. Maybe by choosing an online escape game, visiting a physical escape room, or outdoor escapes. Which of these 3 teambuilding activities best suits your needs? We have listed a few different options to make the next business event a big success.

1. Online escape room

Organizing a nice team-building activity for your company can be quite a challenge. Especially now you need to take our 1.5-meter society into account. An online escape room is a suitable corona-proof event. Each colleague can participate from his or her home. All it takes is an internet connection and a mobile device. This can be a laptop, desktop, or tablet. You solve the most challenging riddles together and online as a team. The execution of assignments is also necessary for a mind-blowing escape. If you opt for an online escape room game as a teambuilding activity, you can choose from different themes. In this way, you can organize these super fun business events 100% safely and corona-proof.

2. Outdoor escape game

Outdoor escape rooms are also a great way to organize a safe team-building event. Together with your colleagues, you explore a city or a demarcated area. Looking for hidden clues, hints, and other curiosities. You can use different tools, but you will only reach your goal by working well together. An outdoor escape room takes place in the open air. This means that you can organize this meeting completely corona safely.

3. Physical escape rooms

Visiting a physical escape room is due to the current pandemic not possible at this moment. But it’s a great teambuilding activity as soon as our society reopens. An escape room is an enclosed area or room. You and your team of colleagues must escape based on clues. Of course, you must decipher this first. You also play these games in teams. For example with 2 or 4 of your colleagues. Working together is the magic word here too.

Book an escape room as a teambuilding activity

You can book an escape game or an outdoor escape room in a few steps online. in a few steps online. If you opt for a virtual business event, you can log in at the same time as agreed in advance. While enjoying a snack and a drink, this will be a team building activity to remember. Choose a theme that appeals to you, reward the best team with a nice prize and keep the video connection on standby. In this way, you can discuss the best tactics with each other.