Team building activities: the best events of 2021

There are quite a few team-building activities that you can choose from. But what are the best events at this moment? The business events in this top 3 are both entertaining as well as challenging. As a team or group of colleagues, you learn to work together. This strengthens the mutual bond with each other and increases productivity and creativity.

There are several things that you should take into account if you want to organize a business event at this moment. Just think about the limitations of the global pandemic. Though, there are still plenty of fun team-building activities that are possible. For example, visiting an online escape room. To make your choice easier, we have listed the best activities for you and your team. Of course, corona proof, challenging and great fun to play.

Top 3 teambuilding events that can be safely organized

1. Online escape room as teambuilding activity

Visiting an online escape room is absolutely the number one team-building activity at this moment. Visiting an online escape room is absolutely the number one team-building activity at this moment. That means a corona proof and safe activity for everyone. You play an online escape game in teams. You can set up separate groups, but trying to escape together is also a possibility. You don’t have to travel or spend a lot of budget on a suitable location. That’s because you can play these exciting games online from your own laptop, computer, or tablet. Of course, while enjoying a delicious snack and a refreshing drink.

If you opt for an online escape room, you can choose out of different games. Save the world from a deadly virus or unravel some mysteries to claim an inheritance. This challenging team-building activity forces your team to work together. Solve riddles and complete assignments to escape in style and within time. Do you want to keep in touch with your colleagues while playing within an online escape room? Then you can also use a chat room or video chat. For example, if you want to discuss some tasks with the team.

2. Escape game in the outdoors

These business and teambuilding activities offer more possibilities. If you are looking for team activities in this genre, you can also opt for an outdoor escape game. You work together as a team in the challenging outdoors. Based on tips, questions, and answers you will find the way to victory. And because you have plenty of space, you can keep enough distance from each other. A 100% corona proof and safe team-building activity!

3. Virtual bingo with colleagues

This business event contributes slightly less to the development of your team but can be quite fun. That’s why virtual bingo is number 3 on this list. You can organize an online bingo with colleagues yourself, but you can also hire a quizmaster. You keep track of the balls and who has completed his or her card first, through an internet connection. And just how a great bingo is supposed to be, there are also great prizes to win.