Virtual team building? How to make it fun and exciting

Perhaps, virtual team-building is the most searched word of the last year. Of course, that’s not a big surprise. The current limitations in our society demand quite a bit of our creativity and adaptability. This also applies to organizing team building activities. For now, we have to organize these coronaproof.

Though, the search for entertaining and safe business events is not always easy. Virtual team building seems like an all-encompassing solution. For example in the form of an online escape game. These rooms are remotely accessible to everyone. But how do you ensure that online team building is just as fun and exciting as the Friday afternoon drinks?

Rules for a successful virtual team building event with colleagues

If you want to make these teambuilding business events a success, there are several rules and guidelines that you must comply with. In the first place, choose one of the best virtual team-building activities of the moment. An online escape game offers enough excitement and challenge, but also requires extremely precise cooperation. In any case, the basic ingredients are present. But what’s next?

  • Opt for a good online escape game. You can enter these rooms with different teams. Create separate groups or complete the tasks with all your colleagues. Have you chosen a theme that suits you? Then your virtual team-building activity is about to begin.
  • Let everyone set up a video connection. Zoom is suitable for this, but another service is also possible. This connection may be useful during the game. In this way, you have sufficient opportunity to discuss with each other. For example when carrying out an assignment or solving a riddle. Of course, it’s also nice if you can see each other during this virtual team-building event.
  • As is the case with physical business events, a snack and a drink should not be missed. One of the advantages of a virtual team-building activity is that you can always snack on what you like. Potato chips, French cheese, nuts, a beer, or a glass of wine.
  • And last but least; Prices! The winning team of the online escape game should not be left empty-handed. Arrange some awards together. These do not have to be completely over the top. Small rewards make the teams even more competitive among themselves. Even if there’s only an extra donut to win.

What’s the playtime in an online escape room?

Virtual team-building events certainly don’t have to last all day or evening. If you choose an online escape game, you will spend 60 to 90 minutes working together intensively. This may seem like a long time, but you need it. And remember, time flies when you’re having fun.

Do you think that 1.5 hours of playtime is too short? Of course, you can also combine this fun online event with another virtual activity. For example with a relaxed bingo or a pub quiz with all of your colleagues. Are your brains cracked enough? A virtual drink is also fine.