Lost Treasure is an online Escape Room. You play the game alone or with a team of 2 to 4 people, each behind your own laptop or PC, or together in the same room. Whenever suits you best.

1 - 4 people


60 -90 min




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Try to find great uncle Archibald's Lost Fortune

An online Escape game in a 3D environment...

You received a message from the notary that your great uncle Archibald Aurelius was declared deceased and that you are the sole heir.
You only knew him from the stories your parents told you. More than 15 years ago he was reported missing and you forgot all about him in the meantime.

Archibald traveled all around the globe, but nobody really knew what he did, let alone how old he was.There was a rumor that he had gathered a great fortune, but it was unclear how he did this.
The notary hands you an old laptop and the key to a neglected house that he lived in when he was in the country.

The notary tells you that Archibald has a number of offshore bank accounts but he doesn’t know how to access them.
Hopefully you can retrieve this information and get a hold of Archibald’s money.

CORONA-proof Escape Game!

Play in your own living room with friends, family or colleagues!

With the current Corona crisis it is a challenge to organize fun activities with your friends, family and colleagues. Our escape games can be played from your own living room, no matter where your fellow players are. With a group around a table with a bowl of crisps or each one in their own living room.

Choose a time that everyone is availbable and logs in with the same game code. Open a Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp conversation, dive into the story and solve the mystery together. Ideal for a fun evening with friends or an informal ‘company outing’ at a safe distance.


What others think of Lost Treasure.

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I had a lot of fun playing Lost Treasure. It feels just like a real Escape room! You can explore multiple rooms and examine stuff. The puzzles are fun and challenging.
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It was really funny watching everyone in Zoom and see how enthousiastic they became during the game. It took us a little over 2 hours to finish the game and it was really fun playing it. A recommendation for this Corona period!
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We booked the games last minute for 14 people. My compliments to the Quest Escape team. They arranged it perfectly. We had a really fun evening where everyone was playing from his or her own home.
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It was a beautiful Escape Room, well designed and it had a great story. The puzzles were really varied. We had a really good time!
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It was really fun and hysterical to communicatie via Whatsapp while playing the game. Ideal activity where everyone can play from their own home.

Not satisfied? 30 days money back guarantee.

Step into this exciting adventure without any risks...

We are convinced that you will love our games. So we dare to back this up with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It boils down to this: if, within 30 days of the purchase, you indicate why you did not like the game, we will simply give you the money back without discussion.


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Frequently asked questions and answers

This game can be played alone, but it is more fun to invite your friends, family or colleagues. The optimal team size is 3 or 4 people.

This game can also be played with larger groups. You can then play with multiple teams that compete against each other for the fastest time. Just like a real escape room.

The maximum number of groups is unlimited. Please contact us for this option.

To start this online escape game, you need a game code. You will receive this as soon as you have chosen a game and paid in the shop.

Everyone on your team uses the same code in order to play the game together. The first person to log in chooses a nice name for the team.

With larger groups and multiple teams, each team receives a unique code.

This game can only be played on a PC, Mac or a laptop. You also need a video or chat program to consult during the game.

It is also useful that you have a notepad and a pen at hand.

No that is not necessary. All modern browsers on PCs, Macs and laptops currently support all aspects of this online 3D escape game.

During the game you explore a house in 3D in which various puzzles are hidden that you have to solve. If you get stuck, you can ask for hints every few minutes to help you along via the application. Please note, if you ask for a hint, extra minutes will be added to your total time.