Frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, you can play our games at home, but also remotely. By logging in with 1 game code at several locations a team can work together to solve the game.

No, our escape games can be played at any place at any time. After you have chosen and paid for your favorite game, you will receive a code that activates you to start your game at the time that suits you best.

No, the game cannot be canceled. You can use the code whenever you want. Play the game and if you really don’t like it, we will refund the purchase amount without any questions. The received game code is also transferable to your friends, family or colleague. Maybe you can make them happy with the game.

If you still want to play a different game, please let us know. Then we will exchange your purchased game code for another game.

The game code can be used indefinitely. You decide when the best time to play is.

We think that 14 years is a good indication as a minimum age, but no child is the same. Collaboration is especially important in a group and children often have a keen eye and a fresh view on the situation. In many cases they can make a good contribution to solving puzzles in the game.

The games are suitable for any kind of group. Whether you want to play a fun game with your friends, family or colleagues, there is a wide choice for every group.

Use programs like WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype to open a video or chat to discuss the next strategic step within the chosen game.