Amass riches with the fortune that a family member has left you and your team. To find the millions, you’ll have to crack your brain first.

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Get the fortune of great-uncle Archibald

An unexpected message from the notary about the death of your great-uncle Archibald Aurelius can make you filthy rich in one fell swoop. Archibald has been missing for 15 years and is pronounced dead. You turn out to be the sole heir to the fortune your great-uncle has built up during his lifetime.

You and your team search for the money. The notary hands you a laptop and a key to a neglected house, where the search begins. Archibald traveled all over the world and his fortune is spread over foreign accounts.

Crack the codes by solving difficult puzzles and gain access to eternal wealth.

How does it work?

Booking our games is very easy and you don’t need to book a date and time, so you can start whenever it suits you.

Step 1

Choose your favorite game, select the number of players, choose the desired language, fill in your details and pay with your favorite payment method.

Step 2

You will immediately receive an email with a unique game code, game instructions and a link to our game. You can start the game at any time and play it whenever it suits you.

Step 3

Excited to get started? Click on the link in the email and enter the play code. Each player does this from their own location on a phone, tablet or PC. You can communicate with your team via, for example, Zoom or Skype.

So my team and I don't have to be in the same location?

Correct! Each participant can enter the play code via the link from our mail and participate. Because you use the same play code, the system knows that you belong together. The game works from any device with an internet connection. Since collaboration is of course very important, you can call each other (video) via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp.

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