Arch-rival Dr. Crypto has been spotted and he has taken several people hostage in encrypted rooms in the city! The case turns out to be too complex for the police force and like a real Sherlock Holmes, your team is hired to solve the riddles and release the hostages.

4 - 100+


1 - 100+


120 min




Find and free the hostages!

Find and free the hostages!

Dr. Crypto has scattered the hostages around the city in hermetically sealed rooms. Armed with an iPad, it’s up to you and your team to solve as many riddles and puzzles as possible, free hostages, and earn as much money as possible.

This game is a perfect outdoor alternative to a regular escape room. This game is a perfect outdoor alternative to a regular escape room.

Bring out your inner 'Sherlock'!

The hostages are counting on you! With a balanced mix of escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and geocaching, this is a fun outdoor outing for families, colleagues, and friends.

What awaits you?

We will not reveal too much but will lift a tip of the veil here.

The game is easy to play without guidance on your own mobile phones or tablets (with a data bundle). After you have booked, you will receive the instructions and the link to the app. Read the documentation carefully before starting Sherlock so that you are well prepared.

After you have arrived at your chosen location, the adventure can start right away. You enter the game code on your mobile phone, and the game starts. You are looking for locations in the city where people have been held hostage. By solving the puzzles and completing the assignments, you can free the hostages.

This game is packed with tough brain teasers and is ideal for team building for companies and groups of friends or families with fanatic puzzlers.

Determine your own playing location

Sherlock can be played at any location.

After you have downloaded our app and entered the game code, our app will generate a playing field around you. Make sure you are preferably in the center with many streets and alleys of a city. This way, the game can be played anywhere in the world. Super fun to discover a new city like this if you’ve never been there before!

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