“The Chase” is inspired by the program “Hunted” and is a game full of action. Of course Corona-proof (teams of 2/3 players) and playable in (very) large groups.

8 - 500+


4 - 100+


2 x 45 min




Tactics, guts and action!

You have escaped from prison and now … immediately take a big hit of course! This is easier said than done, however, as the bounty hunters are lurking.

During The Chase, you take on the role of both a criminal and a hunter. The roles are reversed halfway through. Who will come up with the best tactics and who will show the most guts?

Battle and teamwork!

As a team, you compete with each other. Each team sees a map of the city and the vaults that the vaults be robbed on their cell phone. The hunters do everything they can to track down and catch the criminals.

Collect as much money as possible with your team and crown yourself as the best hunters or the greatest criminal masterminds of the day. Nothing is certain until the end!

Action and muscle pain guaranteed

Ready, set, GO!

Your cat and mouse game starts at your favorite location. Fleeing in your home town or around your company? Request a quote or contact us. So you know exactly what to expect.

Determine your own playing location

The Chase can be played at any desired location.

After you have downloaded our app and entered the game code, our app will generate a playing field around you. Make sure you are preferably in the center with many streets and alleys of a city. This way, the game can be played anywhere in the world. Super fun to discover a new city like this if you’ve never been there before!

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Minimum of 8 persons

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