Take on the role of a criminal with your team and stay out of the hands of the hunters! Stay sharp, because halfway through the roles reverse…

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The adrenaline rushes through your body as the hunters hunt you!

Bam! The cell door flies open and you make a run for it. In a genius way you manage to escape from prison. You run as far away from the prison as you can and don’t look back…

With the bounty hunters hot on your heels, you and your team try to take one more big shot, only to be able to disappear forever. Is there a criminal mastermind in you?

During The Chase you take on the role of both a criminal and a hunter. The roles are reversed halfway through. You can only win this game with a good dose of guts.

How does it work?

Booking our games is very easy and you don’t need to book a date and time, so you can start whenever it suits you.

Step 1

Choose your favorite game, select the number of players, choose the desired language, fill in your details and pay with your favorite payment method.

Step 2

You will immediately receive an email with a unique play code, instructions and a link to our app. You can start the game at any time and play it whenever it suits you.

Step 3

Excited to get started? Open the app and enter the play code. Our app generates a playing field around you. Tip: play in a place with lots of streets and alleys for the best experience!

But wait, can I really play in any location?

Yes! After you have downloaded our app and entered the play code, the app will generate a playing field around you. For the experience, we recommend playing in a place with many streets and alleys, for example in the center of a city. So you can play our Escape Games literally anywhere in the world.

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