The most exciting outdoor escape games in Tongeren

Just as exciting as a regular escape room, but outside

Our Outdoor Escape Games

Brain teasers and a breath of fresh air in the outdoors

Looking for an exciting Escape Room? Go out in your favorite city and play the best games outside! During our Outdoor Escape Games you can compete with family, friends or colleagues at any outdoor location. All our games are available in different languages and have support when needed during gameplay.


Infiltrate Carlos E.’s secret drug network and help your team put this gang of criminals behind bars!


Search the city for the hostages. In a case that proves too complex for the police, it’s up to you and your team to free the prisoners!

The Chase

Take on the role of a criminal with your team and stay out of the hands of the hunters! Stay sharp, because halfway through the roles reverse…

How does it work?

Ordering our games is super easy and you can start wherever and whenever you want.

Step 1

Choose your favorite game, select the number of players, choose the desired language, fill in your details and pay with your favorite payment method.

Step 2

You will immediately receive an email with a unique play code, instructions and a link to our app. You can start the game at any time and play it whenever it suits you.

Step 3

Feel like getting started? Open the app and enter the play code. Our app generates a playing field around you. Tip: play in a place with lots of streets and alleys for the best experience!

Prefer to play from home or remotely?

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