What is an outdoor escape room?

What exactly is an outdoor escape room and what makes it different from the escape games we know? You play these games in the outdoors. But there’s more. You and your team are faced with an almost impossible task. A great escape is only possible by solving riddles, answering questions, and completing assignments. Can you reach the extraction point in time or can you save the city from a disaster? An outdoor escape room is a perfect event with friends, family, or all of your colleagues.

The difference between outdoor and indoor escape games

Both of these games do have the same mission. Together with a group of friends, your family, or colleagues you try to escape from an impossible situation. Maybe by solving an old mystery or by staying out of the hands of a group of criminals. Each time, the storyline can be different. An indoor escape room is often a closed area. You can only find yourself a way to freedom by a great collaboration. That’s what we call team building! That’s also the case with an outdoor escape room. During these games, you only explore a city, neighborhood, or protected area in the open air. Because you have more space at your disposal, keeping your distance from each other is a lot easier. If that’s what you like, you can also opt for an outdoor escape room as a corona-proof business event or team-building activity.

How many people can participate in these games?

Playing an escape game in the open air is preferably done in a team. After all, there’s nothing more fun than finding a solution through good cooperation. However, there are also themed outdoor escape rooms that you can play by yourself. Therefore, a group or team consists of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 25, 50, or even 150 players. Depending on the chosen game and the available space. So, an outdoor escape game is also suitable for groups of colleagues, friends, or family meetings.

Can an outdoor escape game be played corona-proof?

Yes, that’s possible. An outdoor escape room is a game that’s not played within an enclosed area. That means that you can keep enough distance from each other. That makes these escape games corona-proof. Even if you want to participate with larger groups. If you prefer not to travel or play a game outdoors, there are also other options. In that case, you could also opt for virtual team building within an online escape room. You can play these games at home with a desktop or tablet.

For a great evening with friends or a team-building activity with all your colleagues.

Would you rather play an adventurous and challenging game in the open air? Today, outdoor escape rooms have the most diverse themes and storylines. Don’t be tempted by something that seems too good to be true. Let your intuition speak, but also use your common sense. Become a real Sherlock Holmes or earn eternal fame by saving a city from an evil spell.